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Business Solutions

2W Solutions were established as a business change and workforce solutions consultancy, working with a range of clients to support the delivery of personalised business solutions. 2W Solutions pride themselves on the principle of working together to find solutions, irrespective of the industry, sector or size of organisation.

There are a number of areas where 2W Solutions can help you meet some of your current challenges, a few key areas are outlined below. If you think we can help, please contact 2W Solutions directly to see how we can work together to find solutions that deliver results for your business.

Project and Programme Management
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2W Solutions Consultants bring with them a proven track record in Project and Programme Management at local, regional and national levels. Our Consultants are qualified PRINCE2 and MSP Practitioners and bring with them a wealth of practical experience, developed over many years.

A number of Programmes have included working with high-level public sector organisations as well as national and international companies. A key element of this work has been to put in place robust governance and assurance infrastructures to ensure that goals are achieved and that results are sustainable.


This significant experience is underpinned by a wide range of skills and competencies developed over many years, which will be utilised to support the delivery of your objectives.


People Development
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At an organisational level 2W Solutions Consultants have experience of being involved in a number of educational development groups in order to support the development of competencies and assessment processes. This has also included the identification of training and education requirements, as well as advising on the development of training programmes.


On an individual level this has included coaching and mentoring, supporting individuals and teams in both the public and private sectors. This has involved working across organisations in response to executive, personal, professional, team and organisational development (OD) challenges.

Training and Development

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2W Solutions have the ability and accreditation to deliver bespoke training and developmental interventions that will support business change at both an organisational and a personal level. This includes, but not limited to:

  • NHS Job Evaluation Training

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

  • Assessment and Development Centre

  • NHS Leadership Qualities Framework

  • Care Certificate Assessment

  • Apprenticeship Assessment

Performance Management
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Performance Management is a key part of any business, whether that is having a clear overview of day to day activities or understanding the impact of a time-limited intervention. The introduction of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a way of keeping an eye on the things that matter. They are also critical to successfully managing a range of contracts to ensure that delivery meets expectations.

Again, 2W Solutions can help you establish and maintain robust Performance Management Systems that support your business objectives. 

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Workforce Innovation
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2W Solutions Consultants have been instrumental in the review and development of patient care pathways, workforce reviews as well as exploring new ways of working. This has included the development of new roles, both internally and across care systems, the implementation of which ensures delivery of quality clinical care. These 'New' roles include:

  • Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs)

  • Nursing Associates (NAs)

  • Assistant Practitioners (APs)

In these interventions it is important that new roles meet the needs of the patient as well as the organisational financial challenges.

Business Change


2W Solutions Consultants have supported senior and executive management in the development and implementation of innovative solutions, when they have been faced with complex and challenging problems.


This has included supporting both Cost Improvement Plans (CIPs), as a key part of a Turnaround Plan, as well as the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda, which has been pivotal for many NHS organisations achieving financial balance. Although not purely restricted to reducing costs, as Business Change can also explore new opportunities that can deliver equivalent results.

Business Intelligence (BI)
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The provision of processed data or information has been more recently referred to as Business Intelligence or BI. Where BI is seen as a set of methodologies, processes, architectures and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information. This information can be pivotal to organisations to enable more effective strategic, tactical and operational insights and decision making. As without robust and easy to access information, outcomes may not be achievable or sustainable.

2W Solutions has significant experience in this field, ranging from the implementation of informatics systems to the ongoing development of reporting solutions. These interventions have the ability to support performance and risk management systems as well as providing critical pathways for corporate governance and assurance.

Systems and Processes


A number of Programmes and Projects encompass the requirement to review systems and processes, which are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. These systems and processes may be a key part of your day to day activities, but are they as efficient as they could be? Often having a different view on what you are doing maybe all that is required to identify where things could be improved, ultimately saving money and resources.

Systems and processes are an area that 2W Solutions has a vast amount of practical experience in and we can use this to support your business objectives.

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